Welcome to Looking Glass Adventures. We host family friendly escape room adventures.

We have 2 locations along the Danforth.

Danforth Escape is at 2200 Danforth Ave. It is designed for 4-12 players.

Mystery at Maryweather Mansion is at 2944 Danforth. It is designed for 4-10 players. We have an onsite conference room/party room which you can book for after your game. Also stay tuned for more games launching at this location soon!

Participate in the growing trend of immersive and interactive games. Embark on your mission to unravel a story, explore, solve puzzles and experience a real escape room challenge.

We host challenging adventures which offer something for any age and any level of experience.

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We can accommodate:

  • Adult Groups
  • Families
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Children's and Adult Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties
  • Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah
  • Private Events
  • Camps
  • Church Groups

We have two locations to serve your adventure needs!

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What is Looking Glass Adventures?

Looking Glass Adventures is a live puzzle game where you are given 60 minutes to unravel a mystery. Working as a team of 4-12 people you solve your way through a variety of unique and inventive puzzles in order to accomplish your mission.

If you are interested in booking a game please reserve your date and time.

The Game’s Story

You receive a phone message from your Uncle. There has been a break in at his home, and he is asking for your help. He wants you to go into his old office space on the Danforth and retrieve something. You get the sense that this is important and that there is more to him than you thought. You only have 1 hour for this challenge… can you do it?

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Ticket prices are $25 per adult, $20 per youth (14-18) $17 for children (3-13). Children 2 and under are free. A minimum of 4 players are required to play the game but we strongly suggest at least 4-6 players, due to number of puzzles. A minimum of 2 adults are required per booking.

Please arrive at the start of your appointment. The whole process will take about 1.5 hours.

Rescheduling is allowed with 48 hours notice. Your group size can change on the day of your game.

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Contact Us

Be sure you're going to the correct address.

  • - Our original game, "Escape the Danforth" is at 2200 Danforth Ave.
  • - Our new game, "Mystery at Maryweather Mansion" is at 2944 Danforth, 1 subway stop east of our first location.

Looking Glass Adventures

2200 Danforth Ave., Lower Level
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 1K3


2944 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 1M5
Phone number for both locations:
(647) 498-5596

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