Children’s Birthday Parties- All you need to know…

I’d say that one of our most frequent questions is if we can accommodate children’s birthday parties at Looking Glass. The answer is of course ‘Yes’. We book a lot of birthday parties. On a typical weekend  day we are usually running 4-5 birthday parties in a row. If you are planning an event we are here to help so please feel free to call us to discuss all aspects of your child’s special day. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers:


Q: Do you accommodate birthdays? It is scary for kids?

A: Yes we book parties. We generally recommend from ages 8+. Our story and game is a ‘kid friendly’ theme. No one is in the room trying to scare or jump out at you. There is nothing scary, disturbing or frightening in the room. We try to keep the game props and storyline along the lines of a PG movie.

Explanation: We strive to make this a fun experience for the whole family. We try to keep things fun yet mysterious and slightly suspenseful. With that said, some kids do pick up on the intensity of the story or are fearful to get started. We are pretty accustomed to reading everyone’s faces and putting everyone at ease. During our intro we’ll address any concerns as well as reassure anyone who might feel a bit nervous. We provide options to make the room feel a bit less intimidating for anyone who is feeling anxious about it.


Q: Is the game too challenging for kids or to easy for my teen/tween?

A: Nope.. not in the ways you would think.

Explanation: Kids are pretty smart these days. They’re reading mystery novels, programming arduinos and have active imaginations. We find that kids do really well of thinking outside of the box and playing escape games. For certain age groups, we do set the puzzles a bit easier allowing more prompting for our younger players but there isn’t too much we need to change around even compared to our adult only groups. We find what works best is to allow for the parents/caregivers to play alongside of the kids. This allows for any potential help that the groups might face. What usually holds up our birthday parties is just not being organized or not communicating clearly. The adults are great for keeping the kids on track as well as helping them open or operating items they might not be familiar with.

For teens and tweens, keep in mind that our games are designed for adult groups as well. Nothing is juvenile or cartoony in terms of decor. They won’t find our game childish or easy by any means. Even our adult only groups are challenged enough in the game!


Q: What is the maximum size of children allowed?

A: 12 kids, 2 adults (some flexibility on that)

Explanation: We try to ensure that each team and each individual within their team has the best possible experience playing our game. While the game is very collaborative, individual experiences are also just as important. We have a large game space as well as many puzzles in the game so we can accommodate a large group. With that said, we try to cap each game with 10-12 players to ensure that the game runs at an ideal pace. If you have more players in mind, there is the option to run 2 back to back games. We have planned much larger events consisting of 30-40 children. Please contact us if you’re thinking of a larger party or event. 

Almost more important than numbers of players are the dynamics of each group. Older kids around ages 12+ can play the game more independently while younger kids will need the help of adults. A minimum of 2 adults are required to play the game alongside of each party. If kids are younger 8-9 yrs of age, we ask that you be mindful of ratios. 12 young kids playing a complex game with only 2 adults interacting might not be as effective of 3-4 adults helping out.

We ask that the adults be active participants in the game as it benefits the group leading by example and helping those who might need a bit of engaging during some of our more challenging puzzles.


Q: But my kids and their friends are really smart? Can’t the kids just play on their own?

A: The short answer is “No”.

Explanation: The game is supervised by our gamemasters who sit outside of the game area. We allow unlimited hints via our hint system during the game so no one is frustrated during the game for longer than they should be. We control the mood, pace and dynamics of the game from behind the scenes. We don’t go into the room unless it is necessary. This is for many reasons but mostly has to do with the immersive feel we’re trying to create. We require all children under the age of 16 to be supervised by adults during the game.


Q:  Is there a place for pizza and cake?

A:  Yes but it is outside of our space:

Explanation:  we have a few options! We are located under a karate dojo. On Sundays when the dojo is closed, we offer their space for a party room. The room is available for 45 minutes for the party and 5-10 minutes for packing and cleaning up. The party room is booked to start right after the escape game. It is in a big open space and we set up some tables and chairs according to your group size. We will be able to help bring your supplies up to the space while you are playing the game. We will provide a space for disposing of your garbage during clean up. Cost is $57.50 plus tax for the hour and party room is available directly after our game. We have a fridge for a cake (not a freezer). Decorating is allowed however we’ll need to work out earlier access to the party space for you so please call or email to request.

We also work with the Sensi for additional add ons for birthdays such as ninja games or board breaking seminars. He runs a ninja training session for $15 per child which includes the party room. If you’re booking a larger group we highly recommend you divide the group in half and run 2 back to back games along with some karate to keep the kids occupied.

Please contact us for  more information.

If you are looking for other options, there is The Firkin Pub down the street from us on The Danforth. The Firkin will happily host your party. They can send you a menu and customize food for everyone’s needed. Please call in to make the reservation and mention that you’re coming from Looking Glass. You may also bring your own cake. 416-693-2057


Q: How do I book? What if I am not sure who is attending?

A: Book Online or by calling. Paying a deposit to just secure your booking is fine.

You are welcome to view our calendar online to check availability. You may continue to book online using our reservation system. We recommend using the comments field to fill in some information about your event. Ideally we’d like to get a picture of what you’re celebrating, how many people will be in attendance, age range of kids playing as well as any past experience you might have had with escape games. This allows us to prepare for staffing the day of the games as well as allowing us to set the room based on the number of players playing and level of challenge. If you are unsure of who will be playing, please just book what you have in mind. We only hold your credit card on file and you may pay for everyone prior to your game. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us (647) 498-5596 or email




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