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Our Games

Maryweather Mansion

Ms. Maryweather is a world renowned archaeologist and explorer. Upon her current travels, she has received word that her collection of artifacts is in jeopardy. She has asked for help, you and your team will have 1 hour to navigate through her stately manor and try to find the most prized possession. You need to make some choices to decide what it is that she wants protected the most. Sometimes value means different things to different people and your job is to outsmart her sinister opponent.

Book for a virtual game, in house or virtual birthday adventure.

Book an ‘In Person’ Game

With Toronto in phase 3 we are ensuring that we will do everything we can keep us operating as safe a possible. We will be opening to the public starting in September. Bookings are available to reserve now. We are increasing safety measures including:

  • Extra time between games to allow for additional cleaning and disinfecting
  • Decreasing group sizes and capacity at our venue
  • Reducing contact between our staff and our customers to allow for social distancing
  • Rearranging our space to allow for one-way traffic flow
  • Mandatory hand sanitization on arrival and departure
  • Use of masks and PPE by staff and guests
  • Advance bookings only- please book online or call. No walk-ins.
  • Contactless payments will be arranged a time of booking
  • Group are only limited to players in their social bubble up to a group of 10 players.

In you’d rather keep your distance, we be continuing to offer virtual experiences.

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Virtual Birthday Parties

Our 5 star birthday party packages now available to book as virtual party! Kids 8+ can safely come together online while playing a fun and interactive adventure.

Our parties are live hosted on site by one of our experienced and friendly Game Guides while your party connects via our Zoom account which will stream a live video feed into the escape room. Your Host becomes your eyes and ears on the ground while you work together to direct them towards areas in the room. As you uncover clues you work together as a team to solve puzzles and complete your objective of the game.

Party packages include:

  • up to 10 players (unique connections)
  • 1 hour of a virtual escape room adventure
  • 30 minutes of party games
  • Parties are hosted live through streaming video on site by a party host

Our parties are versatile and include a live host which will help the group through the entire game. All our games are appropriate, not scary and are filled with intuitive and interactive puzzles which will engage your group. Our structured parties will be keep everyone engaged throughout the experience.

Book Now to view our calendar or to make your reservation. Our group packages also work well for corporate team building events or clubs/youth groups etc. If you’re interested in a customizable package please contact us for more information.

Rent Your Take Home Adventure

Having a small social event and are looking for something to do? Our “Pirates Code” Rental Escape Room Adventure is great any occasion including:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Family Gatherings
  • Backyard BBQs
  • Surprises such as proposals, pregnancy reveals or gender reveal parties (ask about customization too!)
  • Anniversaries, family celebrations or just a fun distraction from the everyday!

Pirates Code is a series of locked boxes including clues and props. You and you team need to find your way into the chest and solve through the puzzles. Our game works well for:

  • 1-6 players
  • 65 minutes of game time
  • $99 for 4 hours or $149 for 24 hrs
  • Delivery can be arranged or we have curbside pick up available
ghost blitz

Our Top 5 Family Games!

Hi Friends! We hope everyone is staying well and adjusting to this new world of social distancing. We can’t wait until we can open our doors again but until that time, we thought it would be helpful to make some recommendations on some games that have been enjoying.

We carry a variety of games for a range of ages including plenty of games for adults too. We’re testing new games regularly so please come back to check our blog weekly. We’ll have a whole new bunch of games to choose from but for now here are our top 5 family friendly games.

1. Ghost Blitz

2-8 players * 20 minutes per game * Ages 8+


We can’t say enough good things about this game! It’s a great game that kids can learn to play with each just each other (with minimal supervision) or a fantastic game for the whole family.

Gameplay: This is a shape and colour recognition game with a twist. Players must either match the object that is on the card or eliminate all possible choices until they’re left with just 1 correct object. The winning player has to be the first to grab the correct object. Whoever collects the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Why we love it: Kids catch onto this game very fast and you can really see how quick thinking they can be! It’s a fun game that you actually will find challenging to play against your kids. Each round involves a little deduction and requires quick reflexes to get to the correct object. The game is different every time and you have to be mindful of the twists.

Buy Now from Amazon.ca

2. Spot it

2-8 players * 15 minutes per game * Ages 6+


If you don’t have spot it, it’s one game we suggest to be on everyone’s shelf. This is a fast and easy to learn pattern recognition game that requires players to ‘spot’ matching symbols on any two cards.

Game Play: Each player reveals a card, the first player to identify 2 matching symbols on 2 of the cards wins the round. The players with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!

Why we love it: This game literally takes minutes to learn but it always fun to play. This game encourages focus and attention to detail. Kids can pick up this game as young as 5 years and kids do an amazing job at identifying the symbols very quickly. The game can become fun and competitive for both adults and kids alike. Also- how is it there are *always* 2 matching symbols on each card? That just blows our mind!

Buy Now from Amazon.ca

3. L.L.A.M.A

2-6 players * 30 minutes per game * Ages 8+


This game is like Uno but with Llamas. Scoring is counted at the end of the end of each round so a little strategy is also involved. Pro Tip- if it has been nominated for a German award, you know it’s good!

Game Play: Follow the sequence of cards, pick up a card or quit on your round. Try to get rid of the cards in your hand quicker than your opponents. The cards left if your hand after each round scores against you.

Why we love it: This game is easy to learn but still involves a bit of strategy. It’s familiar like Uno but has some fun twists to give it some competitive fun.

Buy Now from Amazon.ca

4. Carcassonne

2-5 players * 30 minutes per game * Ages 7+


Who can’t use a little zen right now? We find this game to be calming and peaceful.

Gameplay: This is a tile placement game which means you’re building your board with game tiles. As you build, you’re constructing a French landscape while claiming features on the board. Scoring is done at the end of the game so it’s anyone’s game until the game is over.

Why we love it: This game is very versatile. You can plan as a family or as couple. You can play with a little or a lot of strategy and can decide how much or how little defensive play to use. You have a limited number of meeples so timing can be everything. This is a game with simple mechanics but never gets tiring.

Buy Now from Amazon.ca

5. Sushi Dice

2-6 players * 20 minutes per game * Ages 7+


A combination of cards, dice and a bell- Sushi Dice is a game with it all! Our entire team loved this game, we couldn’t keep on shelf.

Gameplay: Roll dice and be the first to match all your dice with one of the three sushi platters on the table. Once you do, be the first to ring the bell to signify the round is over. First person to 4-5 cards (depending on amount of players) wins!

Why we love it: Sushi dice involves a little luck, observational skills and fast reflexes. We find games that do involve a bit of luck level the playing field when playing with kids so it really is an inclusive family game.

Buy from through Amazon.ca

Please note we’re using affiliate links to Amazon.ca.  If you’re interested in purchasing any games,and use these links, we’ll get a small payment which will go towards supporting our business during shut down.

Now Offering Portable Games!

Fun on the Go! We will bring the adventure to you…

We are known for our amazing and immersive games as well as our fun location on the Danforth. We have been getting a lot of requests to host games in event spaces, board rooms, condo party rooms or even backyards so we’ve decided custom make specific portable games to bring the adventure to you!

We have a roster of portable games that are mobile! We still have physical puzzles, locks and boxes that need opening so it’s like an escape room but everything is portable enough to take on the go.

Ask us about our specifically designed games for corporate team building, birthday parties or any fun event!

If you don’t have a venue, we can even provide you with one as well. Contact us to find out more info@lookingglassadventures.com 647-498-5596

March Break Activities 2019- Escape Room Adventures and More!

March Break is almost here! We’re busy preparing for a very fun week. For all of March Break we’re setting up extra activities in our party room for families to enjoy.

We’ll have our board game pop up shop open for business. That means you can learn to play and test out any board games that you might be interested in. We’ll also have copies for sale so you can go home and continue the fun.

We also have a giant jenga and connect 4 that are set up and ready to play. We might even bring some of our other games to life in giant form!

If games weren’t enough, we’ll also be setting up our green screen for fun post game pictures.

In our craft corner, we’ll have fun activities which include decorating your investigator badge or creating your own encryption device. It’s super top secret so you’ll have to see more in person!

Hungry? We’ll have our canteen open for business- feel free to stay for a slice of pizza and a drink or some snacks while you participate in activities!

If you’re looking for our added fun after your adventure, you’ll just need to book a game during select times between March 4th – March 18th. Feel free to contact us either by phone 647-498-5596 or email at info@lookingglassadventures.com to so we can sign you up. You can also book online— keeping in mind that we require at least 1 adult in the game for kids ages 12 and under. Your game is private so you will not be booked in with other players as well as when you reserve the space, you’re not paying in advance so your group size can always change.

Don’t forget, we are open for bookings for our escape rooms from 10am-10pm 7 days a week. We’d love to host your next adventure soon!

What is an Escape Room?

“Escape Rooms” are the hottest new trend in immersive entertainment. We are happy to introduce the concept to many players as well as get many people ‘hooked’ on escape room games. We still have prospective players calling and asking what exactly is an ‘escape room’ and wanting more details about their experience. We’re happy to answer some questions on our blog.

How did Escape Rooms Develop? That is a difficult question to answer as the concept seems to have been inspired and developed in a few cities around the same time. What we do know for sure, is that live escape rooms are actually inspired from video games and made their way into Toronto around 2013. In 2019 there are several venues now in the city all with different themes, designs and some even specialize in different genres such as horror or physical challenges.

At Looking Glass Adventures, we design ‘escape rooms adventures’. What that means is that we create escape rooms but with a twist. We do not lock players in a room, instead we give you specific objectives to complete designed specifically for each theme and storyline. This way, players always have the option to leave the game which helps with everyone’s comfort levels as well as keeps safety our priority.

What is an escape room adventure? Traditionally known as an ‘escape room’ Looking Glass Adventures brings fantasy into reality by offering 3 unique games known as ‘adventures’. You and the team of your choice are tasked with a specific objective within each adventure. You are then presented a story and escorted in a themed room (or in our case series of rooms). You and your team will need to work together to unravel a mystery, search for items and solve your story through a series of props and puzzles. To add to the adventure, your team has a set time limit to complete your mission.

Who is this geared towards? Our games are designed towards anyone! We host a variety of groups with a variety of ages. We have customized birthday party packages for kids ages 8-12 year of age, teen parties for 13+ as well as games designed for adults. All of our games are designed with kids in mind as we don’t have scary themes or intense/mature stories (think more like PG and not rated R), so we keep things fun and adventurous but not scary.

With that said, each game presents a unique set of challenges for each team therefore it’s required to have at least 1 adult helping in each group as well as you will get support form a game master/host who is your adventure guide throughout the entirety of your visit They will control the level of challenge through hints utilizing our hint system for each group. Therefore, the game is never frustrating or unsolvable for anyone. Each group is guaranteed a successful ending in each of our games.

We generally tell all enquiring newbies that Escape Rooms are really much more fun than we can even describe. With our games, you really do feel like you are in a different environment and immersed in a story while going through a series of clues to help get to your objective. Our games rely heavily on teamwork and collaboration so are highly social. You’re left with having to depend on members of your team and you quickly learn to adapt and work together in order to achieve success.

Sound intrigued? We’d love to talk to you about all things escape games– it really is our passion. We’d also love to explain the ‘Looking Glass Difference’ and what are games consist of what we do that is different compared to other venues.

How to book? For more information or to find our more please visit our website at www.LookingGlassAdventures.com or call us at 647-498-5596.

Board Games for Families or Couples

Looking for a quiet evening at home as a couple? or maybe some fun family games to play over the family day long weekend? We’ve got you covered at Looking Glass Adventures. Visit our pop up shop for some fun selections!

Here are some of our recommendations and what we offer for sale in our shop.

Codenames Duet $24.95: This is a cooperative version of the original codenames. You and your teammate are working together to find all you secret agents. You do so, by giving 1 word clues to your teammate while they try to guess the matching word on your grid of cards.

Why we love this game: This game works well as a cooperative version of the original! It even acts as an expansion so you can mix and match your cards. It’s fun to play as a couple or as a family. It involves a little strategy but not all your focus so you can still socialize.

We have all versions at our shop including licenced versions of Harry Potter Codenames and Disney! Come in to try them out!

Santorini $39.95: Build your town and race to the top of a building to claim it. Works fantastic as a 2 player game or with up to 4 players.

Why we love this game: Santorini is a little like tic tac toe combined with chess. This is a solid 2 player game that allows you to add in more strategy the more you play. This game is fantastic to allow you to just open the box and start playing without getting bogged down in rules. As you gain experience, you can start adding in more strategy cards as you like.

The Mind $19.95: Use the powers of telekinesis (or something) as you work with your teammates to place the cards down in order of 1 to 100. The twist, is you can’t see each other’s cards or communicate.

Why we love this game: This is a simple game to learn but a difficult one to put down. Once you get into the mindset and really try to read your teammates brains, it strangely works. You’ll love seeing how far you get as you all work together. Bonus when playing with kids- you can’t speak! It’s an extra fun challenge for a family

These are just a few of the fun board games we have in stock! If you’d like to see more, just pop by! Don’t forget to stay tuned for upcoming events including our board game nights where you can try these games and purchase what you would like to take home.