Virtual Team Building

We host a variety of Escape Rooms in a variety of ways to suit what will work best for your planned event.

As we all work from home, it’s important to come together as a group to keep our communication skills sharp and continue to work effectively as a team. Online escape rooms are a great way to bond as a group and keep your team connected with each other.

  • We can host up to 3 different escape rooms at the same time or host the same game at different times throughout the day or even throughout the week.
  • You game will be 1 hour but we stay to plan about 1.5 hrs with us to account for our introduction debrief etc. You are also able to remain on zoom even if our host has to go.
  • We can host as many as 10-12 players per team with up to 36 players at a time if we utilize our 3 different games at once.
  • We can host even larger groups of 30-100+ players by scheduling different time slots throughout the day or even throughout the week. (with virtual games there are many benefits to scheduling over a week as it really caters to a variety of schedules)
  • We’ll open up our calendar and start at the time of your choosing to help accommodate your schedule as well as different timezones.
  • Pricing starts at $25.00 per person with group discounts available. We also offer discounts to non-profits as well as for multi-game bookings over 5 games.

What sets our games apart from other virtual team building experiences?

  • Our games are live hosted by an experienced Adventure Guide
  • You’ll be viewing live video of your playing area at all times
  • All our games take place inside our escape rooms so the theming, story and immersion are a part of your adventure – it is really *just* like playing an escape room.
  • Everyone escapes! Our Guides keep the game moving so no one is stuck on any puzzle too long or gets frustrated if they encounter anything difficult.
  • Our games are not scary or gory, nor do they have mature themes so they work well for a variety of players.

Email us to enquire about your team building experience.

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