How do I book?

I’m booking a birthday party – what do I need to know?

Can we do this as a family? Are kids allowed?

  • Two adults are required per game. Families are welcome and there are puzzles that will also appeal to children. There is nothing disturbing or scary so we invite kids, teens and tweens to participate. Kids any age are welcome but we do suggest a good ratio of kids to adults.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

  • Please contact us as soon as you can. Up to 48 hours before the booking we can provide you with a refund or rebook. We will try to accommodate last minute cancellations within 48 hours before the booking but your deposit is retained.

What if this is too difficult?

  • Our game is designed for enjoyability and adventure. We want everyone to have fun and explore through the whole game. There are no puzzles that require a Mensa IQ. If you do find that you are confused, you are allowed unlimited guidance and hints to help you successfully play through the room.

Can I book this game for a private party? Corporate group?

  • Yes! We can’t think of a better team building exercise or an addition to a fun party. Please contact us.

What if someone gets scared or has to leave?

  • You are never actually locked in a room, and you can leave at any time. Safety is our number one priority at Looking Glass Adventures. You are being monitored while you play in the room and are in constant contact with us by telephone.

What if one of our party can’t make it?

  • We only provide refunds with 48 hours of notice. No shows and last minute cancellations are non refundable for staffing reasons. Tickets are transferrable, however, so try to find replacement players if one can’t make it.

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