Summer Fun at Looking Glass Adventures

Our newest game ‘Operation Flamingo’ has launched and is getting some great reviews! Check out with Escape Games Review had to say about their adventure. Operation Flamingo is open for bookings. Ideal numbers are 4-6 adults or a mix of adults and kids 4-8 players. Game’s Story:  You’re special agents brought on to a top secret […]

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School Trips!

We love to host school trips! Our games are great for kids 8+ and encourage creative thinking along with team collaboration. Our game Guides work with each group to ensure success in our games while keeping everyone focused and engaged. Contact us and we’ll help plan out a visit to Looking Glass Adventures! Choose among […]

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We’ve Got Board Games!

We have an exciting announcement to make! Looking Glass Adventures is starting to carry board games. Look no further for birthday gifts, family games night games or some dinner party entertainment. We can suggest one of our favourites that suites your price point or occasion as well as show you the basics of how to […]

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Parties, Corporate Team Building and Events at Looking Glass Adventures

We’d love to host your birthday party, team building event or large event at Looking Glass Adventures. We have ample space for up to 50 visitors, 3 games to choose from as well as a party room/meeting space. Birthday Party Packages Our Party Packages for Birthdays starts at $350 and you have your choice for […]

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Mystery of Maryweather Mansion

Bookings Begin December 1st, 2017 for Our New Game at Our New Location! Mystery of Maryweather Mansion The Story: You are a mystery solving team that has been hired by a close colleague and fellow archaeologist to Ms. Maryweather.  Ms Maryweather has gotten word that someone is after her treasures which she has gathered from […]

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Welcome To Our New Location!

Thanks to all our loyal fans for your patience as we have been working vary hard behind the scenes working on a new and improved space. We are opening our new location at 2944 Danforth Ave (Lower Level) for December 1st, 2017. We have the space for 3 large escape rooms as well as pirate […]

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March Break 2017 on The Danforth

It is starting to feel like spring has sprung and March Break will be here before you know it. Actives and camps will start to fill up so, now is the time to start planning your fun! If you have some time off, we are open and taking reservations for weekday bookings as well as evenings […]

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What escape room is right for you?

Allow me to geek out and talk about all things escape rooms. As a reference, I have played a lot of games across the city (and beyond). I have a lot of friends from the industry- from game designers, reviewers, enthusiasts and fellow owners. We attend conferences, we read blogs and talk endlessly about the business. We’re […]

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Open for Family Day and March Break!

Escape from the Danforth open for family fun over Family Day Weekend and March Break. Your uncle calls. His message is short and anxious: there’s been a break-in and someone is trying to find him. You and your family are the only one he trusts to get to his office in time to unravel the […]

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A Perfect Day on The Danforth

Escape Games are a great accompaniment for a fun day. First, you have an excuse to get friends together and second, you have something to talk about after your experience. When booking your game at ‘The Danforth Escape’, I encourage you to plan your own perfect day around it. I have a lot of customers ask me […]

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