Mystery of Maryweather Mansion

Bookings Begin December 1st, 2017 for Our New Game at Our New Location!

Mystery of Maryweather Mansion

The Story: You are a mystery solving team that has been hired by a close colleague and fellow archaeologist to Ms. Maryweather.  Ms Maryweather has gotten word that someone is after her treasures which she has gathered from her past travels and explorations. Your job is to sneak into the Maryweater Mansion and protect her worldly treasures from her nemesis. You have one hour find that which is most valuable and hide it from those who would just want to collect her treasures and sell them for profit. Can you do it? Ms Maryweather is counting on you and your team!
Game Time: 1 hour (your experience might last a bit longer since you’re with us for the introduction)
Team Size: 4-8 players for adults, mixed groups of adults and kids up to 10 players, birthdays up to 10-12 kids.
Success Rate: 60% success rate
Puzzle Challenges:  We have a mix of puzzles requiring many different perspectives. All our puzzles are intuitive. We don’t deliberately ‘trick’ you during the game and always  offer unlimited hints to get you through the game.
Book Online: www.lookingglassadventures.com
Location: 2944 Danforth Ave, Lower Level (across from shoppers world Plaza), enterence beside Sherwin Williams paint store