Our Newest Game! and it is Mobile!

Due to many requests, we are developing our mobile division of Looking Glass Adventures. If you’re hosting a fun event and would like us to to bring a mobile escape room adventure on site please call us to discuss. 647-498-5596. Our first game in our mobile serious is Pirate booty. It’s a fun, fast paced game where you and your teammates are racing to uncover a buried treasure. This game can be run for as few as 8 players or as many as 200. We will also run this game out of our venue or add it on to our birthday party packages! Watch for more titles soon!

Pirate Booty

The Story: Shipwrecked, your band of compatriots find yourselves stranded on a deserted island. As your food supply runs low, a ship sees your distress call and drops anchor. You watch with trepidation as the pirates disembark, realizing you will either have a new life or certain death. When they land on the beach you gather your courage and approach them. In a rough voice the captain says “If ye scalawags help us find the treasure on this island then ye may join me crew, take a share in the booty and spend yer days sailing the seven seas.”

This scenario sends your team on an exciting adventure where they must find clues, solve puzzles and work together to open the final pirate chest and reveal the treasure.

Pirate Booty is a unique team building activity; it is not pure adrenaline, like go-karting, and it is not boring team building, like trust falls. In this adventure you will go on a quest to open the chest – TOGETHER. This puzzle game emphasizes unity and creating a tight team bond over competition. There is no race to the finish with one team declared a winner because we have built the adrenaline of competition and the rush of success into beating the game – not each other. This allows the entire group to succeed as a unit and creates a far more exciting and fun atmosphere. After the game, your team will be abuzz discussing who did what, who did well at which puzzles, and how much fun they had. This unique bonding experience will not be forgotten.

The Experience: Players enter the room and are greeted by a pirate/gamemaster and see tables set out with pirate-themed decor and puzzles. Each individual receives an envelope that contains a clue that assigns them to a table. As they receive these items the rules are explained and hints and tips are given as a form of scripted interaction with the participants. Then they are all told to open their envelopes simultaneously and they begin solving the first puzzle. A pirate is available to assist any individual or team that needs help over the course of the game.As players find their tables, they must work together to discover the first clue. Over the course of the approximately 60-minute game they will work with the players at their table, with other tables, and all will be mixed up and reassigned to ensure a high level of teamwork and interaction.Players challenge puzzles that require physical interaction, spacial reasoning, locating hidden objects, decoding secret messages, working together to access objects and many others. The final puzzle has teams working together to unlock the treasure chest.