Our Top 5 Family Games!

Hi Friends! We hope everyone is staying well and adjusting to this new world of social distancing. We can’t wait until we can open our doors again but until that time, we thought it would be helpful to make some recommendations on some games that have been enjoying.

We carry a variety of games for a range of ages including plenty of games for adults too. We’re testing new games regularly so please come back to check our blog weekly. We’ll have a whole new bunch of games to choose from but for now here are our top 5 family friendly games.

1. Ghost Blitz

2-8 players * 20 minutes per game * Ages 8+


We can’t say enough good things about this game! It’s a great game that kids can learn to play with each just each other (with minimal supervision) or a fantastic game for the whole family.

Gameplay: This is a shape and colour recognition game with a twist. Players must either match the object that is on the card or eliminate all possible choices until they’re left with just 1 correct object. The winning player has to be the first to grab the correct object. Whoever collects the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Why we love it: Kids catch onto this game very fast and you can really see how quick thinking they can be! It’s a fun game that you actually will find challenging to play against your kids. Each round involves a little deduction and requires quick reflexes to get to the correct object. The game is different every time and you have to be mindful of the twists.

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2. Spot it

2-8 players * 15 minutes per game * Ages 6+


If you don’t have spot it, it’s one game we suggest to be on everyone’s shelf. This is a fast and easy to learn pattern recognition game that requires players to ‘spot’ matching symbols on any two cards.

Game Play: Each player reveals a card, the first player to identify 2 matching symbols on 2 of the cards wins the round. The players with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!

Why we love it: This game literally takes minutes to learn but it always fun to play. This game encourages focus and attention to detail. Kids can pick up this game as young as 5 years and kids do an amazing job at identifying the symbols very quickly. The game can become fun and competitive for both adults and kids alike. Also- how is it there are *always* 2 matching symbols on each card? That just blows our mind!

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3. L.L.A.M.A

2-6 players * 30 minutes per game * Ages 8+


This game is like Uno but with Llamas. Scoring is counted at the end of the end of each round so a little strategy is also involved. Pro Tip- if it has been nominated for a German award, you know it’s good!

Game Play: Follow the sequence of cards, pick up a card or quit on your round. Try to get rid of the cards in your hand quicker than your opponents. The cards left if your hand after each round scores against you.

Why we love it: This game is easy to learn but still involves a bit of strategy. It’s familiar like Uno but has some fun twists to give it some competitive fun.

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4. Carcassonne

2-5 players * 30 minutes per game * Ages 7+


Who can’t use a little zen right now? We find this game to be calming and peaceful.

Gameplay: This is a tile placement game which means you’re building your board with game tiles. As you build, you’re constructing a French landscape while claiming features on the board. Scoring is done at the end of the game so it’s anyone’s game until the game is over.

Why we love it: This game is very versatile. You can plan as a family or as couple. You can play with a little or a lot of strategy and can decide how much or how little defensive play to use. You have a limited number of meeples so timing can be everything. This is a game with simple mechanics but never gets tiring.

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5. Sushi Dice

2-6 players * 20 minutes per game * Ages 7+


A combination of cards, dice and a bell- Sushi Dice is a game with it all! Our entire team loved this game, we couldn’t keep on shelf.

Gameplay: Roll dice and be the first to match all your dice with one of the three sushi platters on the table. Once you do, be the first to ring the bell to signify the round is over. First person to 4-5 cards (depending on amount of players) wins!

Why we love it: Sushi dice involves a little luck, observational skills and fast reflexes. We find games that do involve a bit of luck level the playing field when playing with kids so it really is an inclusive family game.

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