Digital Virtual Escape Rooms – Options for Larger groups of 30-150+ Players

A ‘fully digital’ Virtual Escape Room is one which doesn’t take place in a real room at all, as compared with our remote play games that are hosted over zoom from our actual physical escape rooms. Fully digital games have the advantage of multiple games being run simultaneously, because there is no need for a real space. Fully digital games still have the benefit of being hosted by one of our ‘Adventure Guides’, meaning your teams will never get stuck on a puzzle for long – we’ll be there to cheer your way through the process and ensure everyone has a good time. While we can host large groups (10+ players) in our physical remote play rooms, we can host large groups of 30 to 100+ players using our digital games. Sometimes it might suit your needs more to host all players simultaneously, all playing the same game. This is where Fully Digital games come in. For more information on our Digital games or coordinating large group play, please email your request or call us now at (647) 498-5596.

Below are the Digital games we are currently offering.

Rise of the Mad Pharaoh

Help Dr. Carter Escape the Tomb!

Dr. Carter has been trapped by the Mad Mummy whilst in Egypt and needs your help to destroy the evil Pharaoh. The hapless curator at the Seattle Only you and your team can help the Archeological department examine the artifacts and the Mad Pharaohs sarcophagus to set Dr. Carter free.

Live Hosted by one of our Adventure Guides! This is a theatrical Escape Room RPG that makes you the star! With your inventory and character cards you portray characters in the world of Dr. Carter and the Mad Pharaoh.

  • A specific role for each player!
  • Suspenseful But Not Scary
  • Play in teams of 6, we can run multiple games at once!

The Navigators

Help Your Team Escape From the Sci-Fi Laboratory:

It’s a dream come true! You and your friends won a tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory facility in California! Right when you’re about to explore the facility, a strange call from beyond disrupted all your plans…

The Navigators and the Call From Beyond! Live Hosted by one of our Adventures Guides! A one to four player co-operative online puzzle adventure starring the voice of Peter Parker and Spider-man, Yuri Lowenthal!  You and your friends have won a tour of the JPL facility in California! As you begin the tour you very quickly realize that something is wrong, and you and your friends must answer the CALL FROM BEYOND!

  • Fun and Challenging puzzles with a Sci-Fi Theme
  • Guest Star Voice from Yuri Lowenthal!
  • Fun and challenging puzzles. Play in teams of 4, we can run multiple games at once!