Parties, Corporate Team Building and Events at Looking Glass Adventures

We’d love to host your birthday party, team building event or large event at Looking Glass Adventures. We have ample space for up to 50 visitors, 3 games to choose from as well as a party room/meeting space.

Birthday Party Packages

Our Party Package for Birthdays is $349 and includes:

Admission to one of our escape rooms for: Up to two adults and 10 kids ($25 per child when over 10 kids, $25 per adult over 2 adults)

Party Room to follow the game for 45 minutes (game and party room is 2 hours in total)

Party Room supplies – plates, napkins, utensils etc. (we don’t provide food or drink)

Full Fridge to store food/cake as well as full freezer for ice cream cake

A Guide/Party Host to help with your adventure and provide some fun and support for the party.

Let us worry about the food. We have pizza and drink packages available to add on!

Pizza and Food Packages

Choose to make it easy for everyone by adding on pizza and drinks. Make selections while booking and pick from Pizza Pizza’s favourites. 1 topping pizzas from $20 each or favourites such as super, garden veggie or canadian for $25.00

Drinks such as juice, water or pop packages available too.

*** add on pizzas available as well. Ask us for details!

Our new location is located at 2944 Danforth Ave. We are just west of Victoria Park. There is ample parking either across the street or on the Danforth.

Lobby at LGA

Party Room/Meeting Room at LGA

Looking for something custom? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can arrange your special event. We can build larger parties or something fun for your special event!

Book a Party at:

Operation Flamingo

You are your team of special agents are standing in a swampy neighbourhood in Florida. You and your crew have been called to a house of interest and your briefing has just begun. You mission is simple, find a way into this house and extract whatever is hiding in it. You only have 1 hour until the sun rises and your cover may be blown.

Book Operation Flamingo Party Package



Download our Party Invitation for Operation Flamingo- You’re invited to a escape room Adventure!


Mystery of Maryweather Mansion

Mystery at Maryweather Mansion


Jane Maryweather is that quiet distant neighbour who lives at the end of your street in that spooky old house. As it turns out, she’s a researcher who travels a lot for work and that is why her house seems abandoned. Upon her most recent travels, she has received word that someone is after her research and artifacts. She has left clues around her space as to what it might be as well as it’s cleverly hidden and can only be revealed from solving a series of puzzles . Can you get in and save her treasure in time?

You’ll follow the travels and story of Jane Maryweather as you explore a series of rooms in her stately manor. Unaware of how she has hidden her treasure or even what it is, you and your team must go in and solve the mystery of her travels and research. Can you get to her most prized possession before it falls into the wrong hands?

Download our Party Invitations for Mystery at Maryweather Mansion- Party Invitation or Party Invitation- 2

Book Mystery at Maryweather Mansion Party Package


The Danforth Escape

You receive a call from your Uncle and his message is urgent. There has been a break in at his home in Florida and he thinks they’re going to try his office next. You need to go down to his abandoned study on the Danforth and get something important to him. His request sounds easy enough but you don’t know what you’re looking for, why or even where. As you navigate his office, you find there might be more to your Uncle that you realized.


Download our Party Invitations for The Danforth Escape- Party Invitation – DE

Book Danforth Escape Party Package


Pirate Booty

This is a mobile game played in our themed party room. Teams of up to 8 players each work together and against time to try to solve a series of puzzles leading to a treasure. Best for ages 12+
* subject to availability- please call us to book


Daytime Corporate Packages

Our games at great for team building events. We encourage teamwork, communication and collaboration though our adventures but most of all everyone will have fun!





Rent our our space for daytime team building games.

AM Packages or Early Afternoon Packages available:

Monday- Friday (up to 20 players)  $450 (admission to one game)

Monday- Friday (up to 50 players) $950 (admission to one game)


Double your fun with 2 games per person:

Monday- Friday (up to 20 players)  $850 (admission to two games)

Monday- Friday (up to 50 players)  $1800 (admission to two games)

 We have a common area to use as a meeting space or if you’d like to bring in lunch included in the price. There is a $75 cleaning fee for its use and we’ll provide tableware on request.

Common FAQs

Q: Do you book parties?

A: Yes we book parties. We generally recommend from ages 8+.

Q: Is it scary?

All of our games are designed with families in mind. We try not to make anything too scary and it isn’t like a haunted house with live actors jumping at you.

Q: Is the game too challenging for kids or to easy for adults?

All of our games are designed with kids in mind. With that said, we don’t make things easy at all. Our games are challenging enough for adult only groups. We do offer more clues and hints to kids groups to help guide them through the game. Nothing is juvenile or cartoony in terms of decor.

Q: What is the maximum size of players allowed?

Each game is designed for a minimum and maximum amount of players. We tend to say for adult groups about 4-8 players and for a mix of adults and kids 4-12 players. If you have a specific group in mind or are planning a larger event we can accommodate up to 50 guests in our facility. Please contact us and we can help customize an event for you.

Q: But my kids and their friends are really smart? Can’t the kids just play on their own?

Our games are unsupervised and do require at least 1 supervising adult for kids under 13 years of age. If you’re booking a party package, we will provide a Guide to help the group however we still request at least 1 adult to help supervise the group.

Q:  Is there a place for pizza and cake?

Our  space has a large party room. We have seats for 20-30 people. We have a full fridge to store your food as well as your cake and/or ice cream cake. We include cutlery, plates, napkins and cups. It is available to book when you select one of our party package and it is bringing the birthday party to a 2 hour adventure.

Q: How do I book? What if I am not sure who is attending?

You are welcome to view our calendar online to check availability. You may continue to book online using our reservation system.  If you are booking a party package it is a flat rate price for up to 10 kids so we don’t need to know the amount of players in attendance. We arrange for payments on site prior to your game and only hold your credit card to reserve your space. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us (647) 498-5596 or email




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