Summer Fun at Looking Glass Adventures

Our newest game ‘Operation Flamingo’ has launched and is getting some great reviews! Check out with Escape Games Review had to say about their adventure.
Operation Flamingo is open for bookings. Ideal numbers are 4-6 adults or a mix of adults and kids 4-8 players.
Game’s Story:  You’re special agents brought on to a top secret mission. You and your team have been delivered to the front lawn of a Florida home where the resident is a person of interest. The resident known as Robert Smith (we suspect is not his real name) is out and now is your time to break in. You and your team have 1 hour to find your way in and infiltrate his house. Be quick and be careful– nothing about this house is at is seems.
Open for bookings now and partake on this exciting adventure! Click our our booking calendar to view availability.