Book Your Escape Room Birthday Party!

It’s back to school but also back to birthday parties. If you’re planning your child’s special day we’d love to host a party package!
Looking Glass Adventures has escape rooms birthday party packages on our calendar for Fall/Winter 2018-19 ready to reserve!
What makes our parties so special? First it starts with our games, we have an amazing mix of puzzles from beginner to advanced. There is something for everyone in our adventures! Our Escape Rooms are immersive, multi-room adventures that are story driven and puzzle based. What that means is there is a lot of depth to our games which is an hit with all our players. We spare no expense to make our sets convincing and it really feels like you’re transported to another place and time when immersed in our storyline.
How do party packages work and why are they amazing? Your adventure will start with playing one of our amazing escape rooms and then followed up by fun and games in our party room. While it sounds like a typical birthday we really try to make it a memorable experience. The biggest part of our packages is that we include a game Guide which is party party host and party adventure birthday guide.
What do our Guides do that make the experience so unique? Our Guides will go into the game and work with each group. They’ll help navigate the kids though the game while making sure the birthday child is at the forefront of the discovery. They make sure to recognize the birthday child’s special day while quietly engaging and involving the whole group. Our Guides add extra magic and adventure into an already amazing experience.
Will the kids escape? Our goal is to get every group through the story from beginning to end. They’ll provide just enough of a hint to help kids get through a tough puzzles or great praise if they solve it on their own.
Check our party page for more information. We’d love to tell you about our parties, what makes our packages so unique and what we can do to help plan the most epic birthday party ever!

March Break 2017 on The Danforth

It is starting to feel like spring has sprung and March Break will be here before you know it. Actives and camps will start to fill up so, now is the time to start planning your fun! If you have some time off, we are open and taking reservations for weekday bookings as well as evenings for that great family adventure! Check our calendar to see what is available.
Kids in the Toronto District School Board will have March 13th-17th off of school. French schools have March 10 off in addition to the 13th-17th. Some private schools have an additional week off as well. Combine those days with the surrounding weekends, that is quite a nice little break and quite the opportunity for some fun! Whatever your needs and budget, we have gathered a few suggestions of what is going on along The Danforth.
Escape Room

  • Play an escape room over March Break at Looking Glass Adventures. Did you know, The Danforth is home to a top rated escape room! We’re number #2 on tripadvisor (just behind a castle) and receive plenty of raving 5 star reviews. See what all the fuss is about! Play, unplug and spend some quality time together. We have extended our hours to accommodate for March Break 2017. Games will be running from 9:30 am-9:30 pm on weekdays in addition to our weekend hours. Since you have your own private appointment, this makes for a very quiet and unique experience for you and your group. Gather your group and check our upcoming calendar for available times. We’ll also be holding some fun contents for our visiting groups! Recommended for ages 8+ as well as adults need to play with kids. Groups from 4-8 adults are highly recommended (kids can be additional to that number.)


  • Our good friend and neighbour, Tristan Bell of Bell’s Martial Arts is running a March Break Camp. Our daughter joined his camps over the summer and had an excellent time!
  • While we’re on the topic of games, our friends at Game Masters Table will be offering a full day March Break Camp. What better way to learn cooperative skills through playing games.
  • If your kids attend a French School, Kaza Family Centre has the extra day covered with their 6 day March Break Camp. Lots of planned fun! Check out their calendar.
  • Oaks ‘n Acorns has a super fun activity camp for kids ages 4-8 years of age. All information can be found on their website.
  • Choose camps from just a day or two or the whole week at Bomb Fitness. They have a full week of March Break Camp for kids ages 4-12.
  • Art Cave has a camp program for that little budding artist.
  • Offered in both English and French, LucSculpture has art camps with the option of single days or the full week.


  • The Toronto Tool Library has programming for the week or as required. From robotics to 3D Modeling your maker kid will be thrilled!
  • Fresh Paint is offering 3 different and unique workshops over the March Break week. Check out their calendar and you can register right online.
  • FREE is always good and the Toronto Public Library programs are always amazing! They have programs for March Break. Check our their full list.
  • How about a little relaxing time for kids while they’re on their break? Serendipity Yoga has some kids yoga workshops. Check out their website to sign up!

Drop in Fun

  • Drop in to Face to Face games to learn some Pokemon or Magic the Gathering skills. If you’re looking for some more zen games, feel free to test out one of the many board games they offer. You’re welcome to stay and play games out before you buy for FREE. While you’re there, stay to have some food and drinks at their cafe to make it a full day out of the house!
  • Time Capsule Boardgame Cafe is licensed board game cafe. Have some treats and play some games.. what is better for afternoon plans?

Honourable Mentions

  • If you need a drink after a week with the kids try something a little different. False Ox Botanical Shrubs are available at the Nook’s Stores on the Danforth. They make either mineral water or a drink with spirits the ultimate in refreshment.
  • The Firkin on the Danforth is having a contest to win a Fizzics Waytap machine. Pop in with the family for a lunch everyone will enjoy and ask to be entered into the contest.
  • This is a bit downtown but looks to be a fun event for anyone who wants to walk the red carpet and feel like and be a fan.

Are you a Business in the area that isn’t listed here? Feel free to let us know what March Break activities you have going on!