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Looking Glass Adventures Online Puzzle Hunt!

As it’s getting closer and closer to winter, we thought why not deliver the puzzles to you?!? Also, in order to celebrate the launch of our new holiday game, we wanted to do something a little extra special. Introducing our first online puzzle hunt! Not only will you have the luxury of solving puzzles for […]

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Holiday Escape Room- New for 2018!

Looking Glass Adventures has been voted Toronto’s Number 1 Escape Room as per TripAdvisor Toronto’s Amazing Christmas Escape Room is here! Book your Holiday Adventure Now! On for a limited time! Your car breaks down as you’re driving home in a blizzard. All is not lost, however. You spot an inviting looking house with the […]

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A Halloween Adventure

On Monday October 29th, we are hosting a Halloween event! Come to Looking Glass Adventures and learn to play some of our ghostly board games. From favorites like Ghost Blitz to Zombie Dice there will be board game demonstrations for any age and any skill level. Walk along our not so spooky candy trail all […]

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Playing Escape Games With Kids

After my very first Escape Game, I thought to myself, “My kids would so looovvvee this” and I really wanted to share my new hobby with them. Upon looking for venues that allow children, I was surprised how few were actually appropriate. For our Game, it was important to me to provide a game that […]

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