March Break Activities 2019- Escape Room Adventures and More!

March Break is almost here! We’re busy preparing for a very fun week. For all of March Break we’re setting up extra activities in our party room for families to enjoy.

We’ll have our board game pop up shop open for business. That means you can learn to play and test out any board games that you might be interested in. We’ll also have copies for sale so you can go home and continue the fun.

We also have a giant jenga and connect 4 that are set up and ready to play. We might even bring some of our other games to life in giant form!

If games weren’t enough, we’ll also be setting up our green screen for fun post game pictures.

In our craft corner, we’ll have fun activities which include decorating your investigator badge or creating your own encryption device. It’s super top secret so you’ll have to see more in person!

Hungry? We’ll have our canteen open for business- feel free to stay for a slice of pizza and a drink or some snacks while you participate in activities!

If you’re looking for our added fun after your adventure, you’ll just need to book a game during select times between March 4th – March 18th. Feel free to contact us either by phone 647-498-5596 or email at to so we can sign you up. You can also book online— keeping in mind that we require at least 1 adult in the game for kids ages 12 and under. Your game is private so you will not be booked in with other players as well as when you reserve the space, you’re not paying in advance so your group size can always change.

Don’t forget, we are open for bookings for our escape rooms from 10am-10pm 7 days a week. We’d love to host your next adventure soon!

Looking Glass Adventures Online Puzzle Hunt!

As it’s getting closer and closer to winter, we thought why not deliver the puzzles to you?!?
Also, in order to celebrate the launch of our new holiday game, we wanted to do something a little extra special.
Introducing our first online puzzle hunt!
Not only will you have the luxury of solving puzzles for FREE in your own space, we are providing a little incentive! We have some fun prizes for our top 3 puzzle solvers.
Grand prize is a pass for 4 to play our new for 2018 holiday game! We have also included prizes from family discount card (a great stocking stuffer for any parent) as well as a escape room game we’ll ship to you if you’re not local to pick up!
Just be the first to email us with the answer. We will also be dropping hints on social media so if you need a little extra help, just follow us.  Keep in mind this is of course a family friendly puzzle challenge but we made it a little more challenging for you since you don’t have a time limit.
We hope you have fun! And just want to wish everyone out there a very happy holidays. We hope you’re having many magical moments with friends and family.
Sign up and we’ll send you a link to our contest.

Enter the Contest

* indicates required

• The FIRST player or team to complete our challenge will receive one (1) booking for four (4) players to our newest escape room, ’60 Minutes To Save The Holidays!’ ($113 value)
• The SECOND player or team to complete our challenge will receive a free Family Discount Card ($25)
• The THIRD player or team or complete our challenge will receive a free copy of ‘Exit: The Mysterious Museum’ ($18 value)
A few short rules before we begin:
• You must register for the prizes!
• Only those living in the GTA, or those who have transportation to visit our location at 2944 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON are eligible for in-person prizes (Free play of 60 Minutes To Save The Holidays, free Family Discount Card)
• Players under the age of 16 require a parent or guardian to be present when prizes are claimed.
• This game does not work on mobile. Please use a desktop or laptop, as well as any online resources you need, to complete our puzzles!

Holiday Escape Room- New for 2018!

Looking Glass Adventures has been voted Toronto’s Number 1 Escape Room as per TripAdvisor
Toronto’s Amazing Christmas Escape Room is here!
Book your Holiday Adventure Now! On for a limited time!
Your car breaks down as you’re driving home in a blizzard. All is not lost, however. You spot an inviting looking house with the lights on! When you approach the house something seems strange – it says “Shhh! Top Secret Elf Research Station!” on the door. Inside you discover that the Elf in Charge has been given a very important task and he needs your help! Can you save the holidays in 60 minutes?
This family-friendly room is packed with holiday cheer – and only available for a limited time! Book your adventure today!

A Halloween Adventure

On Monday October 29th, we are hosting a Halloween event! Come to Looking Glass Adventures and learn to play some of our ghostly board games. From favorites like Ghost Blitz to Zombie Dice there will be board game demonstrations for any age and any skill level.
Walk along our not so spooky candy trail all decked out in halloween decor. Also don’t forget to trick or treat in our escape rooms. You never know what characters you’ll meet along the way!
One night only! Don’t miss the fun! Sign up for your time slot anytime between 6pm and 8:30pm. We estimate visits will last about 1/2 hr. Great for any age kid or kid at heart. $2 per person.

Book Now!


Parties, Corporate Team Building and Events at Looking Glass Adventures

We’d love to host your birthday party, team building event or large event at Looking Glass Adventures. We have ample space for up to 50 visitors, 3 games to choose from as well as a party room/meeting space.

Birthday Party Packages

Our Party Packages for Birthdays starts at $350 and you have your choice for what best fits your budget.

 We have a maximum of 12 kids for our parties. Up to 2 adults are included and at least 1 adult is needed to go into the game. If you’re looking to host a larger group please contact us.

Our new location is located at 2944 Danforth Ave. We are just west of Victoria Park. There is ample parking either across the street or on the Danforth.

Lobby at LGA

Party Room/Meeting Room at LGA

Looking for something custom? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can arrange your special event. We can build larger parties or something fun for your special event!

Book a Party at:

Operation Flamingo

You are your team of special agents are standing in a swampy neighbourhood in Florida. You and your crew have been called to a house of interest and your briefing has just begun. You mission is simple, find a way into this house and extract whatever is hiding in it. You only have 1 hour until the sun rises and your cover may be blown.

Book Operation Flamingo Party Package



Download our Party Invitation for Operation Flamingo- You’re invited to a escape room Adventure!


Mystery of Maryweather Mansion

Mystery at Maryweather Mansion


Jane Maryweather is that quiet distant neighbour who lives at the end of your street in that spooky old house. As it turns out, she’s a researcher who travels a lot for work and that is why her house seems abandoned. Upon her most recent travels, she has received word that someone is after her research and artifacts. She has left clues around her space as to what it might be as well as it’s cleverly hidden and can only be revealed from solving a series of puzzles . Can you get in and save her treasure in time?

You’ll follow the travels and story of Jane Maryweather as you explore a series of rooms in her stately manor. Unaware of how she has hidden her treasure or even what it is, you and your team must go in and solve the mystery of her travels and research. Can you get to her most prized possession before it falls into the wrong hands?

Download our Party Invitations for Mystery at Maryweather Mansion- Party Invitation or Party Invitation- 2

Book Mystery at Maryweather Mansion Party Package


60 Minutes to Save the Holidays

Your car breaks down as you’re driving home in a blizzard. All is not lost, however.  You spot an inviting looking house with the lights on! When you approach the house something seems strange – it says “Shhh! Top Secret Elf Research Station!” on the door. Inside you discover that the Elf in Charge has been given a very important task and he needs your help! Can you save the holidays in 60 minutes?


Pirate Booty

This is a mobile game played in our themed party room. Teams of up to 8 players each work together and against time to try to solve a series of puzzles leading to a treasure. Best for ages 16+
* subject to availability- please call us to book

Daytime Corporate Packages

Our games at great for team building events. We encourage teamwork, communication and collaboration through our adventures but most of all everyone will have fun!



Rent our our space for daytime team building games.

Common FAQs

Q: Do you book parties?

A: Yes we book parties. We generally recommend from ages 8+.

Q: Is it scary?

All of our games are designed with families in mind. We try not to make anything too scary and it isn’t like a haunted house with live actors jumping at you.

Q: Is the game too challenging for kids or to easy for adults?

All of our games are designed with kids in mind. With that said, we don’t make things easy at all. Our games are challenging enough for adult only groups. We do offer more clues and hints to kids groups to help guide them through the game. Nothing is juvenile or cartoony in terms of decor.

Q: What is the maximum size of players allowed?

Each game is designed for a minimum and maximum amount of players. We tend to say for adult groups about 4-8 players and for a mix of adults and kids 4-12 players. If you have a specific group in mind or are planning a larger event we can accommodate up to 50 guests in our facility. Please contact us and we can help customize an event for you.

Q: But my kids and their friends are really smart? Can’t the kids just play on their own?

Our games do require at least 1 supervising adult for kids under 13 years of age. If you’re booking a party package, we will provide a Guide to help the group however we still request at least 1 adult to help supervise the group.

Q:  Is there a place for pizza and cake?

Our  space has a large party room. We have seats for 20-30 people. We have a full fridge to store your food as well as your cake and/or ice cream cake. We include cutlery, plates, napkins and cups. It is available to book when you select one of our party package and it is bringing the birthday party to a 2 hour adventure.

Q: How do I book? What if I am not sure who is attending?

You are welcome to view our calendar online to check availability. You may continue to book online using our reservation system.  If you are booking a party package it is a flat rate price for up to 10 kids so we don’t need to know the amount of players in attendance. We arrange for payments on site prior to your game and only hold your credit card to reserve your space. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us (647) 498-5596 or email




Playing Escape Games With Kids

After my very first Escape Game, I thought to myself, “My kids would so looovvvee this” and I really wanted to share my new hobby with them. Upon looking for venues that allow children, I was surprised how few were actually appropriate.
For our Game, it was important to me to provide a game that kids could play along side their parents. I am careful with how I word that as this is *still* a very challenging game packed with twists and turns. Kids cannot fully play the game on their own as adults still need to be present. I have learned a lot from watching kids play the game and I have a few tips that I want to share.

  1. Know your child: I am slowing coming to terms that Escape Games are not for everyone (I have a few friends that refuse to play- but honestly if they just *tried* they’d see how awesome it is!). The same can be said for kids. If your child is very anxious and doesn’t like the idea of being ‘locked’ in a room they might not want to play.
  2. Find the right venue: Use Google, read reviews and find a highly reviewed venue with accommodating staff. Customer service goes a long way to allow for some adaptability that your child might need. Also, some facilities allow for extra people outside of your group to participate so make sure you’re booking a private group.  
  3. Find the right story: As for the game, you’ve got to make sure to find an acceptable story. Even if there is a mention of something spooky it can set off a child’s imagination. Props are usually present.. so even if you can shield them from the story there might be some upsetting props in the room.
  4. Find the right game: Make sure the game is recommended for children as certain games split groups up, use handcuffs, lock you in a prison cell or have a mix of puzzles that just won’t be interesting to children.
  5. Ratios! While it’s fun to play alongside your kids or a few kids– you don’t want to have the kids outnumber the adults by too much. Make sure you are with a group that you have the ability to rein in if they get too excited or distracted.
  6. Hints are your friends: find a venue where they offer hints and preferably unlimited hints. Groups made up with children can get a little chaotic at times. You might find that you might need some extra hints to get you through some tricky parts.
  7. It’s not as easy as you think: Don’t assume just because the game allows children that it’s easy. Our game for example is challenging for both adults and kids. Our unique puzzle design appeal to a wide variety of people but we still need adults to play. This is not time for you to sit back and let the kids do the work– it’s best as you work with the team.
  8. Listen and cooperate with the kids: Children are good scavengers, they often find items or have ideas that may get disregarded by the adults. Kids are very intuitive and naturally great at puzzle solving (plus they play a lot of video games) so certainly listen to their suggestions! Be open minded, listen and cooperate as a team player. If they are showing signs of being frustrated or bored- give them small tasks to complete or involve them in your thought process.
  9. This is not another life lesson:  Try to refrain to use an escape game as a teachable moment. I understand the temptation parents! There are plenty opportunities for teachable moments, I believe this discovery needs to come from within and that is why it’s such a good experience for kids. This is a game first and foremost– would you do this with Monopoly? Mario Brother? I hope not!  Instead, go out for ice cream or a treat afterwards and discuss your experiences after you play.

Escape games are an excellent opportunity for friends and families to play together and bond together as a family. Try to involve your kids. Let everyone play a part no matter how small and overall just have fun! If you’re in the Toronto area and would like to try a game with your kids, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns or to enquire about booking a spot.