Looking Glass Adventures Online Puzzle Hunt!

As it’s getting closer and closer to winter, we thought why not deliver the puzzles to you?!?
Also, in order to celebrate the launch of our new holiday game, we wanted to do something a little extra special.
Introducing our first online puzzle hunt!
Not only will you have the luxury of solving puzzles for FREE in your own space, we are providing a little incentive! We have some fun prizes for our top 3 puzzle solvers.
Grand prize is a pass for 4 to play our new for 2018 holiday game! We have also included prizes from family discount card (a great stocking stuffer for any parent) as well as a escape room game we’ll ship to you if you’re not local to pick up!
Just be the first to email us with the answer. We will also be dropping hints on social media so if you need a little extra help, just follow us.  Keep in mind this is of course a family friendly puzzle challenge but we made it a little more challenging for you since you don’t have a time limit.
We hope you have fun! And just want to wish everyone out there a very happy holidays. We hope you’re having many magical moments with friends and family.
Sign up and we’ll send you a link to our contest.

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• The FIRST player or team to complete our challenge will receive one (1) booking for four (4) players to our newest escape room, ’60 Minutes To Save The Holidays!’ ($113 value)
• The SECOND player or team to complete our challenge will receive a free Family Discount Card ($25)
• The THIRD player or team or complete our challenge will receive a free copy of ‘Exit: The Mysterious Museum’ ($18 value)
A few short rules before we begin:
• You must register for the prizes!
• Only those living in the GTA, or those who have transportation to visit our location at 2944 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON are eligible for in-person prizes (Free play of 60 Minutes To Save The Holidays, free Family Discount Card)
• Players under the age of 16 require a parent or guardian to be present when prizes are claimed.
• This game does not work on mobile. Please use a desktop or laptop, as well as any online resources you need, to complete our puzzles!

Holiday Escape Room- New for 2018!

Looking Glass Adventures has been voted Toronto’s Number 1 Escape Room as per TripAdvisor
Toronto’s Amazing Christmas Escape Room is here!
Book your Holiday Adventure Now! On for a limited time!
Your car breaks down as you’re driving home in a blizzard. All is not lost, however. You spot an inviting looking house with the lights on! When you approach the house something seems strange – it says “Shhh! Top Secret Elf Research Station!” on the door. Inside you discover that the Elf in Charge has been given a very important task and he needs your help! Can you save the holidays in 60 minutes?
This family-friendly room is packed with holiday cheer – and only available for a limited time! Book your adventure today!

A Halloween Adventure

On Monday October 29th, we are hosting a Halloween event! Come to Looking Glass Adventures and learn to play some of our ghostly board games. From favorites like Ghost Blitz to Zombie Dice there will be board game demonstrations for any age and any skill level.
Walk along our not so spooky candy trail all decked out in halloween decor. Also don’t forget to trick or treat in our escape rooms. You never know what characters you’ll meet along the way!
One night only! Don’t miss the fun! Sign up for your time slot anytime between 6pm and 8:30pm. We estimate visits will last about 1/2 hr. Great for any age kid or kid at heart. $2 per person.

Book Now!


Best Escape Room in Toronto?

What are the best escape rooms in Toronto? Who has the number 1 escape game in Toronto and which out of your escape rooms is better than all the others? These are just a few of the questions we get on a daily basis and try to answer.
First off let’s start off by saying that escape rooms really are subjective. In our own experience, we have played many escape rooms around the city and some we have fun in and some fall flat. We don’t feel that our experiences are necessarily tied to what the venue did or did not do or how well they did with their puzzles or design. We feel there are many factors that influence our experience, it can be anything from the group that you played, what time, if you’re hungry or a little tired so it’s really hard to pick one game over the other as being our favourite.
What can contribute to a good game? We have some things that we do that feel make us unique and make our games top quality:

  1. All of our games are private bookings. We don’t pair you with unknown players. Each game is a group of your choosing.
  2. We use space! Toronto rent is expensive and making larger games is a sacrifice. It was something that was important to us to design our games in larger spaces. It’s more comfortable for the players and allows for some great discoveries and surprises. All our games are multi-room experiences.
  3. Story is important. Who, What, Where and Why? We try to answer all these questions while you’re playing your game. Everything makes sense and the story fits with what you’re doing. It just makes for a more convincing experience.
  4. Immersive rooms! Cool props and minimal wear and tear. We take care of our games, we clean them, we fix things constantly because nothing is worse than something that does work or something that looks like 200 people before have used it.
  5. Service! I think anyone that has visited knows we’re invested in your experience and just want to make sure everyone in your team has the best time possible. From the moment you walk into our doors we want to make sure you feel welcome. We watch all our games and monitor your progress. We keep you on track to make sure you have a good experience.
  6. Safety- we don’t use handcuffs or have any locks on our doors. Everything we do we keep in mind safety as that is our number 1 priority at all times.

Who is the best? Of course we like to think we are! But what rational do we use for that? We are rated as number #1 Escape Room in Toronto on tripadvisor and feel this is a good representation of what we offer. Tripadvisor requires real reviews from real people and will ban any businesses that don’t adhere to their strict guidelines. This reduces the trolls and allows everyone to get an unbiased opinion.
If you have visited us recently, please leave us a review on tripadvisor and google business. Our goal is not only to be the best escape room in Toronto but to be a top entertainment venue!
Thanks to all our loyal and amazing customers for taking the time to leave reviews, share their experiences, refer their friends and for allowing us to put smiles on your faces.
If you haven’t visited us already, come experience our games for yourselves.