Board Games for Families or Couples

Looking for a quiet evening at home as a couple? or maybe some fun family games to play over the family day long weekend? We’ve got you covered at Looking Glass Adventures. Visit our pop up shop for some fun selections!

Here are some of our recommendations and what we offer for sale in our shop.

Codenames Duet $24.95: This is a cooperative version of the original codenames. You and your teammate are working together to find all you secret agents. You do so, by giving 1 word clues to your teammate while they try to guess the matching word on your grid of cards.

Why we love this game: This game works well as a cooperative version of the original! It even acts as an expansion so you can mix and match your cards. It’s fun to play as a couple or as a family. It involves a little strategy but not all your focus so you can still socialize.

We have all versions at our shop including licenced versions of Harry Potter Codenames and Disney! Come in to try them out!

Santorini $39.95: Build your town and race to the top of a building to claim it. Works fantastic as a 2 player game or with up to 4 players.

Why we love this game: Santorini is a little like tic tac toe combined with chess. This is a solid 2 player game that allows you to add in more strategy the more you play. This game is fantastic to allow you to just open the box and start playing without getting bogged down in rules. As you gain experience, you can start adding in more strategy cards as you like.

The Mind $19.95: Use the powers of telekinesis (or something) as you work with your teammates to place the cards down in order of 1 to 100. The twist, is you can’t see each other’s cards or communicate.

Why we love this game: This is a simple game to learn but a difficult one to put down. Once you get into the mindset and really try to read your teammates brains, it strangely works. You’ll love seeing how far you get as you all work together. Bonus when playing with kids- you can’t speak! It’s an extra fun challenge for a family

These are just a few of the fun board games we have in stock! If you’d like to see more, just pop by! Don’t forget to stay tuned for upcoming events including our board game nights where you can try these games and purchase what you would like to take home.