Valentine's Day is around the Corner

Looking to up your date nights? How about interacting as a couple while you test your compatibility? Did you know that Looking Glass Adventures hosts escape room adventures for couples. Test your communication skills and problem solving skills as a couple and embark on a fun adventure!

While our games are recommended for more than 2 players, experienced players or players up for a challenge fare quite well. We allow for hints throughout our game so no one is ever stuck on anything too long and puzzles don’t become tedious.

If you want to up your game, we’ll even offer our services to help with proposals, pregnancy reveals, promposals, baby gender reveals or anything else that would be a fun surprise! Just contact us to customize your plans. We’ll help you with selecting which of our 3 games might work best as well as craft our ending with suitable puzzles to allow for your big surprise. If you have some fun ideas, we want to hear about them- the sky’s the limit!!

Thanks to Narcity for their blog post about us!