Opening SOON

Walden’s Wizarding Shop

Walden Magic Shop Poster

Room Stats

60 Minutes

Up to 10 players (ideal 4-8)

High Production, magical

Contact Info

2944 Danforth Ave. Toronto, Ontario


Wands at the ready! Strange sounds have been emanating from an empty room at our facility.

There seems to be an unknown source of mysterious and powerful energy in close proximity to the room. What could be causing it? It seems to grow stronger with every day. Only time will tell, but one thing is certain - something MAGICAL is coming. Will you overcome obstacles with a simple swish and flick, or fall victim to charmed illusions?

Become enchanted with our newest addition. A new magical game emerges, launching soon. Please note, we're not taking bookings for this game and will announce when it's available to reserve.