What is an Escape Room?

“Escape Rooms” are the hottest new trend in immersive entertainment. We are happy to introduce the concept to many players as well as get many people ‘hooked’ on escape room games. We still have prospective players calling and asking what exactly is an ‘escape room’ and wanting more details about their experience. We’re happy to answer some questions on our blog.

How did Escape Rooms Develop? That is a difficult question to answer as the concept seems to have been inspired and developed in a few cities around the same time. What we do know for sure, is that live escape rooms are actually inspired from video games and made their way into Toronto around 2013. In 2019 there are several venues now in the city all with different themes, designs and some even specialize in different genres such as horror or physical challenges.

At Looking Glass Adventures, we design ‘escape rooms adventures’. What that means is that we create escape rooms but with a twist. We do not lock players in a room, instead we give you specific objectives to complete designed specifically for each theme and storyline. This way, players always have the option to leave the game which helps with everyone’s comfort levels as well as keeps safety our priority.

What is an escape room adventure? Traditionally known as an ‘escape room’ Looking Glass Adventures brings fantasy into reality by offering 3 unique games known as ‘adventures’. You and the team of your choice are tasked with a specific objective within each adventure. You are then presented a story and escorted in a themed room (or in our case series of rooms). You and your team will need to work together to unravel a mystery, search for items and solve your story through a series of props and puzzles. To add to the adventure, your team has a set time limit to complete your mission.

Who is this geared towards? Our games are designed towards anyone! We host a variety of groups with a variety of ages. We have customized birthday party packages for kids ages 8-12 year of age, teen parties for 13+ as well as games designed for adults. All of our games are designed with kids in mind as we don’t have scary themes or intense/mature stories (think more like PG and not rated R), so we keep things fun and adventurous but not scary.

With that said, each game presents a unique set of challenges for each team therefore it’s required to have at least 1 adult helping in each group as well as you will get support form a game master/host who is your adventure guide throughout the entirety of your visit They will control the level of challenge through hints utilizing our hint system for each group. Therefore, the game is never frustrating or unsolvable for anyone. Each group is guaranteed a successful ending in each of our games.

We generally tell all enquiring newbies that Escape Rooms are really much more fun than we can even describe. With our games, you really do feel like you are in a different environment and immersed in a story while going through a series of clues to help get to your objective. Our games rely heavily on teamwork and collaboration so are highly social. You’re left with having to depend on members of your team and you quickly learn to adapt and work together in order to achieve success.

Sound intrigued? We’d love to talk to you about all things escape games– it really is our passion. We’d also love to explain the ‘Looking Glass Difference’ and what are games consist of what we do that is different compared to other venues.

How to book? For more information or to find our more please visit our website at www.LookingGlassAdventures.com or call us at 647-498-5596.